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Picked up a shift at FoLK today and it was pretty good! I got to be inside almost all day and was in relatively non stressful positions. The one time I was outside, I was at Exit and we had to cancel the 1:00 show because the stage wouldn’t move and I had to deal with the backlash from fastpass. That was less than fun getting yelled at by a lot of people when the thing they were yelling at me for wasn’t even my fault.

Otherwise the day was really good! I did two meet and greets, which I always love. I also got to see two of my favorite tumble monkeys and chat with one of my stilt walker friends during a couple of the shows. I was supposed to be off at 2 but I extended until 3:30, which was a good decision because it wasn’t a rough day at all, yay!

Assessment Day at Safaris!

Today was kind of rocky. I started at 7 which is ridiculously early if you ask me. My assessor had us follow the test truck (who basically makes sure that the ride path is ready for guests) and we docked at all docking locations before we took guests for a round. The round with guests went pretty well but my assessor and my trainer have completely different ideas of how to do a safari, so he kept telling me to do different things and that was sort of stressful.

After that, we did most of the “safety critical” land positions. And I managed to not properly latch the manual doors on one of the trucks and a coordinator caught it. I was mortified, embarrassed, terrified I wouldn’t pass assessment because of that one incident, etc. After that incident, everything went pretty smoothly though. And I’ve decided that my favorite land positions is grouper.

After lunch I had to deal with our wheelchair departure dock. And of course I got there as soon as things were getting crazy. Three trucks in a row I had someone who couldn’t transfer, so I had to secure their wheelchair, which takes a good amount of time. After that, I breezed through strollers and fastpass and greeter, so that was a nice easy way to end my day.

So glad that I’m finally done with training, but I’m super nervous for my first day on my own on Sunday!

Safaris Training Days 5 & 6!

Totes forgot to write about day 5 on day 5 cause I came home and passed out, as usual. Day 5 was mostly good, more truck driving for the most part. I did kind of freeze for my first round of the day for no reason right at the beginning when guests were getting on and then again during the white rhino area. I’m pretty sure they knew I was new or they just didn’t notice because they clapped at the end. And my next two rounds went super smoothly, so that made me feel better.

Day 6 was pretty good! I did a couple of rounds on a wheelchair accessible truck and pulling up to that dock is one of my least favorite things because it’s on an incline and terrifying because I feel like I’m going to jump the curb. Anyway, luckily I didn’t and the rounds went really well. I did get stuck behind the baby giraffe for about ten minutes so that was an adventure.

After lunch I worked at departure 3, which is our wheelchair dock. And that was crazy. You have to load guests and unload guests and make sure wheelchairs are where they’re supposed to be and clear drivers and greet people and it’s just exhausting. Maybe I’ll get used to it. Hopefully. I did help a family that was super sweet even though I had to make the father transfer from his ECV to our wheelchair in order to get on the truck. (Only because he wanted to stay in his chair and we can’t accommodate ECVs on the trucks).

Tomorrow I assess! Hopefully I can handle it!

Safaris Training Day 4!

I got to take guests today!!! Sorry, but I’m still super excited about that. I didn’t have to come in until 10:45 because it was the closing training day, so it was nice to sleep in a bit. Nothing too exciting happened before lunch, I got to work a couple of “safety” land positions, which basically means you just have to be extra alert when working those because people can get injured if you’re not doing your job. After I got used to them, I liked them all except for the merge position, which is still kind of complicated to me.

After lunch, we picked up a truck and we realized it was a “new” truck, which you have to be separately trained on from the old trucks. So even though I was ready to take guests, I couldn’t because I had never driven a new truck before. So we did two rounds without guests and it was pouring, which was another challenge because I’d never driven the ride path in the rain, but it was awesome because so many animals were playing in the rain. I definitely recommend a rainy safari if you don’t mind getting a little wet.

Anyway, after two rounds in the new truck, my trained asked if I was ready for guests and I said I thought I was so we pulled up to departure and I got guests! Woohoo! I started out shaky (the parking brake is weird on the new trucks and it was still on when I tried pulling away from the dock…) but everything else was great! At the end of the round when everyone was getting off the truck, my trainer stood up and announced that it was my first safari and everyone cheered and clapped and one family said they would have never known it was my first safari because I did so well. And I kind of wanted to cry because it was like the best moment ever.

I got to do one more round with guests after that and when I said one of my facts about the flamingos, I heard the woman in the first row (who had told me when she got on that she’d done Safaris twice already today) say that she didn’t know the fact I said, which made me feel great about my spiel.

After that, I got to close a couple of trucks and almost took out a cement pole (oops) but managed to miss it by an inch. I might have been a little cocky after completely two safaris. It was a great day though and I’m almost sad that I won’t be back for two days.

Safaris Training Days 2 and 3!

Kind of forgot to write about day 2 after day 2 cause I fell asleep at 6:45… But day two was good! I got to drive some more and work on spotting animals. I also got to work at the grouping and departure positions. I like grouping, I don’t really like departure cause I kind of kept panicking, but hopefully it’ll get better.

Day 3 started out meh cause I felt super sick all morning, but luckily all we did was stuff in the training room and land positions. We did fastpass which was pretty routine for me because I’m used to doing fastpass. It was slightly different from FoLK, but not much. We also did the merge position which was tricky for me because there’s a crazy fastpass to standby ratio you have to stick to. In the afternoon, I got to drive a truck again and I think I’m almost ready for guests! Yay!

Also forgot to mention that when I was walking out of work on day 2, I passed by one of the tumble monkeys that I’ll occasionally talk to and I waved and all he said was “Traitor.” and kept walking. And I know he was kidding but it just kind of made me sad for a second because I do feel a bit like a traitor. I saw him today though and the first thing he said was that he was going to come ride my truck and I told him he had to, so that made me feel better about yesterday’s interaction. (Also just to clarify, I’m very happy with my transfer and I’m super excited about working at Safaris, so I’m not regretting anything at all, especially since I’m still picking up FoLK shifts.)
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