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Not sure why I have had such a large influx of new followers recently but hi! As always, I love hearing from people and just chatting in general so if you want someone to talk to about Disney or just in general, hit up my ask box :)

Today was kind of a hot mess for me. My first few rounds were great, but then I got my break and got Departure 3, which is my least favorite land position. Luckily, it wasn’t crazy busy, so I wasn’t drowning in wheelchairs and I actually had time to breathe.

My last set of rounds was just not good, I was kind of all over that place and just not thinking straight. I was very happy when they gave me an empty round for my last round. And then I was supposed to be off but they ERed everyone and didn’t actually have enough people to close? So they had to extend me. That made no sense to me, but it wasn’t a difficult extra 30 minutes, so it was okay. Now I get to go home for a week, yay vacation!

Today was pretty good! A storm ripped through DAK yesterday so the reserve was kind of a mess with downed trees and branches. I started at 7:15, but I surprisingly picked up a land position and was at merge for 3 hours. It was super easy for the first bit, but it was starting to pick up towards the end, so I’m glad I got my break.

After my break, I did four great rounds on a new truck. The animals were all out and about, with the exception of around the forest. Even the lions were actually out and moving, which was awesome. After my last break, I only had to do one round as a departure three truck and then I got to home!

My day was crazy! So I came into work at 1:45 and apparently there was an oil spill in the Little Ituri Forest so everything was not moving and our standby line was over 100 minutes and the fastpass line was backed up almost into Discovery Island. It was insane. It all got cleared up pretty shortly after I started and my first few rounds were pretty normal though.

My second set of rounds were all too short. Mostly because I had an amazing truck with amazing AC and amazing audio, which are hard to come by. I only did two rounds and I got to do my first round without guests because we were slow and it was wonderful. I got to stop so I could see the animals and I spent a good while looking at a Patterson’s Eland, which I’ve decided I think are super awesome, and the elephants were out playing, so I always love to get to see that.

My last assignment was stroller parking. And unfortunately I was out there for two hours by myself. It could have been a lot worse though. My radio battery kept dying so I had to keep calling my coordinator and he actually helped me park strollers for a while, which was awesome. And I got to talk to guests, which I enjoy at safaris more because you don’t get to just help guests plan their days a lot when you’re on a truck. All and all, not a bad way to end my week.

The past two days have been pretty good! I’ve spent a lot of time parking strollers, which actually hasn’t been that bad, except for when this woman sort of passed out in the queue right after they pulled the other stroller parker, so I was by myself and having to deal with that. The woman didn’t want any help it turns out, but still.

After my last break yesterday, I did one safari and we literally saw only one addax from cheetahs until the end so that kind of sucked. And then I was right behind the last safari truck so I just missed that, yay! Today’s my Friday and then I have two days off!

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