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The past few days at work have been sort of crazy. One of my rounds I was stopped behind a couple of trucks that were stuck behind an addax and my safari ended up being almost 30 minutes long. Which means we were pretty much sitting around looking at trees for about 8 minutes. It was sort of awkward trying to fill the time because no one was really responding to any of my filler questions. 

That same day, I got on a truck and it lost audio as soon as I got into the reserve and I had to completely turn off the truck and turn it back on to try to get audio again and that didn’t work. So I kind of just yelled the entire safari and offered anyone a reride at the end. I think almost everyone on my truck didn’t speak English though so it might not have made a difference. Then of course my coordinator tried fixing the truck and the audio worked immediately. Sigh.

Getting really bad at writing about my day lately. I think the last time I worked was 2 days ago? Anyway, I started at 9:45 and did four really great rounds. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the lions and the male lion was easy to spot and stop for so that was great. Although my truck kept beeping at me because the emergency brake needed to be serviced? That was kind of annoying and I couldn’t really do anything about it.

After that I parked strollers for a couple of hours and we were slammed, but it made the time go by super quickly. Then I got back on a truck and got an empty round because they were supposed to give it to the truck in front of me and forgot so yay! I love getting empty rounds cause you’re pretty much just spotting animals for yourself. After that they told me to shut my truck down and go home. Great way to end my Friday :)

Forgot to write my daily recap yesterday. Oops. I was at FoLK! I ended up being outside mostly between Queue Rover, Photocell, Greeter, and tasking. When I was tasking I offered to park a stroller for a family cause they were right at the entrance and seemed super nice and I wasn’t doing anything else. And then when I came back one of the girls of the family was standing there with a wad of cash and said, “My dad wants you to have this for parking our stroller.” When I was telling this story later, my manager was saying it happens a lot but I’ve never been offered cash for doing my job and I was just so weirded out by it. Not that it wasn’t a nice thing for them to offer me, but I can’t accept it so it was awkward. 

I forgot how much you get to talk to guests while at FoLK. Not that you don’t talk to them at Safaris, but it’s much more of a one-on-one thing and you can actually help people plan their days at FoLK. That might be because I was outside most of the day and it was super slow, but still, the guest interaction was great. I was Main Usher for the last two shows and I didn’t really forget how to do it, but I was glad it was super slow. Overall, not a bad day!

Today was really good! I woke up not wanting to go to work at all since it was my first day back from vacation and I thought I would have forgotten how to do anything, but it was a perfect first day back. It started out with one of our managers pulling everyone who was in at 11:45 for track talk (our usual morning meeting) except we never have track talk at anytime but opening. So there went 15 minutes of my shift that I didn’t really have to do anything.

Then I got on a truck and the first round wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t bad. My third round I accidentally told my truck that ostriches can run up to 60 mph (instead of 40 mph) and I didn’t realize I’d said it until some woman in the back was like “holy cow!” And I had to think about what I said. Oops.

After my third round I got a break and then went to pram. It was super chill even though it rained. And I had good co-stroller parkers so I can’t complain at all. After pram I went on break again and I got offered an ER but I remembered that I’m poor so I turned it down so I could stay and get paid. And I got a second land position! That almost never happens. I was at unload for the rest of the evening and it was super chill and lovely.

Not sure why I have had such a large influx of new followers recently but hi! As always, I love hearing from people and just chatting in general so if you want someone to talk to about Disney or just in general, hit up my ask box :)

Today was kind of a hot mess for me. My first few rounds were great, but then I got my break and got Departure 3, which is my least favorite land position. Luckily, it wasn’t crazy busy, so I wasn’t drowning in wheelchairs and I actually had time to breathe.

My last set of rounds was just not good, I was kind of all over that place and just not thinking straight. I was very happy when they gave me an empty round for my last round. And then I was supposed to be off but they ERed everyone and didn’t actually have enough people to close? So they had to extend me. That made no sense to me, but it wasn’t a difficult extra 30 minutes, so it was okay. Now I get to go home for a week, yay vacation!

Today was pretty good! A storm ripped through DAK yesterday so the reserve was kind of a mess with downed trees and branches. I started at 7:15, but I surprisingly picked up a land position and was at merge for 3 hours. It was super easy for the first bit, but it was starting to pick up towards the end, so I’m glad I got my break.

After my break, I did four great rounds on a new truck. The animals were all out and about, with the exception of around the forest. Even the lions were actually out and moving, which was awesome. After my last break, I only had to do one round as a departure three truck and then I got to home!

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